COATHAM – Improvements.

Accreditation Redcar and Saltburn News 03/06/1875


            In, our last impression (27/05) we noticed the gradual improvements which had taken place in Redcar within the last few years, and we now progress to motive the improvements of Coatham.

I must be understood that the two towns, although closely allied with each other so far as connection is concerned, are altogether separate in their local management. Coatham is almost a new town, and sprung up within a few years – its buildings are of a modern architectural design, and its entire appearance varies very much from Redcar. At the north-west end stands a row of low old fashioned cottages, which has stood many a winter’s blast, but no doubt, in course of a few years will give place to newly designed erections. Their pleasant sea view is being gradually blocked by the new buildings, which are rising up on the opposite side of the road. Most of the land is lease hold, held in the tenure of 99 years, from the Kirkleatham Estate.

A new street is being formed in a line with Queen Street and High Street, Redcar which we understand leads on to the intended new road to Middlesbrough. This street in course of time will form the most important part of Coatham, as it will be the busy thoroughfare of the town. In the present main out-let to Middlesbrough, extensive building operations are going on, and some very elegant erections rising to adorn Coatham. The church which stands on the west side of the road, is a neat piece of architectural work, with a lofty spire – it is high church – is well attended on the Sabbath day; a neat burial ground encircles the church, which is ornamented with some beautifully designed head stones.

Facing the sea stands the Convalescent Home, is built of red brick, and presents a dull and heavy appearance, with large unsightly sand banks in front, (which are now being removed) deteriorating, to a great degree, the front appearance of the Institute. A chapel and incumbent’s house is attached to the Home.

The Coatham (or Victoria) Hotel is erected in front of the German Ocean, and its exquisitely designed front gives it a magnificent appearance, although, as yet, it is not completed, the east wing having to be built. The hotel exhibits a long frontage in comparison with its breadth, but when fully completed will have few equals on the coast. Its conveniences are first class, and under the able management of Miss Crummack, is one of those establishments where home comfort is fully enjoyed.

The Pier is the great attraction of the town, being one of the longest in the country, and one of the most unfortunate, too, for during the late heavy storm in winter two ships cut through in different parts. It is now repaired, so far as the widest gap was concerned, which cut off the saloon, but it may be some time before the one at the extreme end is closed.

There is nothing else worth noticing, except the beautiful sands which extend to the mouth of the Tees, and the extensive photographic establishment of Mr Hoggard, which has scarcely its equal in the provinces. The building is extensive, and fit up in a style of elegance creditable to the enterprising spirit of the worthy proprietor. The work done at this establishment is almost without parallel, considering the isolated nook in which Mr Hoggard a few years ago pitched his tent.

Kirkleatham is another attraction to the district, it is about one mile and a half from Coatham – her is the ancient mansion of the Newcomen family, whose undoubted charity is marked by the noble institute which stands on the main road leading through the village, and in which ten old men and ten old women also twenty boys and girls, find a home, and are totally supported out of funds bequeathed by the Turner family, of which the present A.H.T Newcomen, Esq., is the representative. There is a neat little chapel in connection with the hospital, also a splendid museum of curiosities which is open for the inspection of strangers during everyday in the week (except Sunday).


Note: you can see the improvements of Redcar in our previous paper 27/05/1875.


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