COATHAM – Mad Dog at Large

Accreditation Redcar & Saltburn News 04/061874


     On Monday morning, a dog belonging to a Rev. A. E. Clementi Smith, late vicar of Coatham, left in charge of Mr, Skinner, Portland Terrace, Coatham, was reported to be at large in a rabid state. P.C. Cooke, of Redcar, went in search of the brute, which had taken refuge in the porch of a house in Coatham. Finding it impossible to take aim at it with a gun, the constable attacked it with his stick, and killed it. Fortunately no one was bitten by the animal, although the constable had a narrow escape, his trousers having been torn by the teeth of the dog in an attempt to seize his leg. In consequence of this occurrence, a timely application was made at the Guisborough Police Court of Tuesday by Superintendent Prest, for an order for the confinement of dogs, and the proper control of those at large in the district, during the next three months. The application was granted.


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