DEATH – Man Washed Ashore Coatham

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 03/03/1888.


           On Tuesday morning (28/02) the dead body of a man was washed ashore at Coatham. He was about five feet nine or ten inches height, and wore blue pilot cloth trousers, grey woollen shirt with red stripe, and had a leather belt about him. He has the appearance of a fisherman, and has been in the water some time. He was found by John Walton, a Redcar fisherman. He had on him a tobacco pouch and a tin match box. An inquest was held on Wednesday (29/02), at the Warrenby Hotel, by Mr Robinson, Deputy Coroner

           The Police called witnesses who proved the body was that of Robert Douglas, a fisherman of Staithes. It was stated that the deceased had on January 21st bought a coble from a man named Robert Walton, and together with his son and fisherman named Toase, set out from Redcar for Staithes. Next morning the bodies of the son of Douglas and the man Toase were discovered washed ashore at Huntcliff, Saltburn. A verdict of “Found drowned” was returned.


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