COATHAM – New supply of water for Coatham

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 05/07/1870


            The extension of the mains of the Stockton and Middlesbrough Water Works Company, from Eston Junction to Coatham (which we intimated some two months ago had been commenced), was completed on Monday, the 27th ult., And the water was turned on to courtroom during the latter part of the week, and after repairs of one or two fractured pipes (which, when we take into consideration that the distance is over 5 miles, is not a very serious calamity), a copious supply of water was drawn from the fire plugs at the various parts of the town on Saturday afternoon, in the presence of some of the directors of the Company, and a large number of the inhabitants of the village, and general satisfaction was expressed at the pressure and quantity of the water, and the same must be a very great boon to the inhabitants of the place, not only for domestic use and other purposes, but in case of fire. We understand a large number of services have already been put on, and there are many more orders on the books of the company, and for the information of intending visitors to that district, who look upon pure and wholesome water as one of the principal requisites of a watering place, we supply a list of those householders who have provided their dwellings with an abundant supply of excellent water :- Jos. Hutchinson, 1, Newcomen Terrace; John Howie, 3, do.; J. Johnson, 4. do.; Jno. Coulson, 17, do.; Jas Harris, 18, do.; Bacon, 19,do,; D. Spence; Thos Watson, 1, Balmoral Terrace; Charles Bromby, 2, do.; J. Hobback, 5, do.; Jno. Hunter, 9, do,; N. Kilburn, Cleveland Terrace; Mrs. Savage, do.; Mrs. Bentham, do. The cost of the work is £5000 , and when the company has spiritedly done their part, it is to be hoped that the inhabitants will show their appreciation of the boon, which has now been placed within their reach.


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