COATHAM Pier – A fixed light for Coatham Pier

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 28/01/1876


            A memorial was being signed on ‘Change at Middlesbrough, on Tuesday (25/01), praying the Loads of the Admiralty to place a light on Coatham pier for the guidance of vessels, especially those entering the Tees. The memorial states that the pier runs into the sea 2 2?0 feet from the high watermark, extending to the outside of the West Scar rock; that is line continued from the end of the pier would intercept the direct course from the Redcar Rock Buoy to the Fairway Buoy at the mouth of the Tees, about half a mile from the former, and 2 ¼ from the latter. A light fixed therefore greatest service to all vessels entering the Tees.

As gas is laid on the pier, and a man constantly in charge, the cost would be trifling, compared with the advantages to be derived, as there is no guiding light between Whitby and Hartlepool. The memorial has been got up by Mr. T. R. Taylor, on being half of the shipping interest. It has been signed by Mr. J  W. Pease, M. P.., Mr. Bolckow, M. P., and Mr. Marshall Fowller, the three Board of Trade Commissioners for the River Tees.


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