COATHAM – Water Supply to Coatham

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea-Gazette 06/05/1870.


            On Monday last (02/05). The meeting of those gentlemen who have guaranteed the sum of £250 per annum for three years to the Directors of the Stockton and Middlesbro’ Water Works Company, was held for the purpose of, serving with Mr Hall, secretary of the company, on the water rate to be levied on those inhabitants of Coatham who may take the water. Resolutions were passed to the effect that the rates proposed by Mr Hall were satisfactory, and that copies of them should be distributed to the householders of Coatham. We observe the pipes are now being laid down, and it is anticipated the water will be turned on for public service towards the end of July or early in August. Householders who wish to take the water should make immediate application to Mr Hall.


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