BOAT RACING – Coble Racing

Accreditation Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 15/09/1871


          On Saturday afternoon last (8/09/1871) a race took place between two cobles, one the property of Mr. Schmitz, of Coatham, and the other of Mr. Sowerby, Snow Hall, Darlington. Both were manned by Redcar fishermen, and the course was from the Rock Buoy, round the Fairway Buoy (at the mouth of the Tees) and back. A start was effected shortly after five, and the first part of the distance, Mr. Schmitz’s boat maintained the advantage, but lost it in “ratching.” Shortly afterwards, this boat carried away her mast, but though this was partly repaired, she never made up her lost distance, and Mr. Sowerby’s boat came in and easy winner, the race occupying a little over two hours for the ten mile run. A great deal of interest attached itself to this affair, as it was partly a trial to decide the relative merits of round and square sterned boats.


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