Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 22/2/1890


          A terrible collision, resulting, it is feared, in the loss of nearly whole of a vessel’s crew occurred off the Hartlepool’s. The colliding vessels were the “Brino” (Captain Hutchinson), a Rotterdam boat of 418 tons, owned by Bergen and Son, and the “Coral Queen” a West Hartlepool boat 468 tons, trading between Hartlepool and Hamburg, and under the management of Christopher M. Webster, of Sunderland. The statement of Captain Hutchinson is to the effect that at 3 o’clock on Tuesday morning the “Brino” was about four miles from Hartlepool, in a W.N.W direction, and was going at full speed, when they saw a steamer approaching. Capt. Hutchinson noted the fact, and reckoned that the course he was then steering would carry them clear of the Coral Queen: and he believed that the latter must have changed her course, for coming out of the chart room, wither he had gone, he found the vessels close together. He ran off the bridge, and gave orders to at once reverse the engines, but before this could be done the “Brino” struck the “Coral Queen” on the Starboard side, which immediately sank. Subsequently all the crew were picked up with exception of five.


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