DEATH – DRIVER George East (3yrs) from scalds – Warrenby

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 15/12/1876


            On Saturday evening (09/12), an inquest was held at the Warrenby Hotel Coble before Mr. A. Buchannan, district coroner, on view of the body of George East Driver, a child of about three years of age, who had died early that morning from the effects of scalds received on Friday, the 17th ult. From the evidence it appeared that the mother of the child, who is a delicate person, had gone to Leeds for change of air, leaving a daughter of sixteen years of age to attend to the family and a lodger, there being four other children besides deceased. On the day named, while a lodger was dinner, deceased who had been out in care of another sister, went into the house and climbed on a chair placed near the table, to get something from the lodger, in getting off the chair, he stepped with both his feet into a large pan of boiling pig-meat, which was standing beside the hearth, and which had just been taken off the fire for the kettle to be put on. The little fellow was frightfully scalded about the legs and feet, but his injuries were promptly attended to, and for a fortnight he progressed favourable, when unfavourable symptoms made their appearance, and he died about ten minutes past twelve on Saturday morning.

The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental death,” and the Coroner cautioned the sister against the dangerous practice of placing a pan in such a position, where there were children.


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