DEATH – Inquest WHITAKER. Henry, Mr

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 21/07/1871


          On Wednesday last (19/07) an inquest was held at the Clarendon Hotel, before the deputy coroner, on the body of Mr. Henry Whitaker, of Leeds, who died suddenly whilst bathing on the previous day (18/07), when the following evidence was adduced.

Shortly after entering the water deceased was observed by Mr. R. P. Skinner, bathing machine proprietor, to fall on his back. After watching a very short time and not seeing him come to the surface, he rushed into the sea, calling to Mr. J. H. Ridley (was bathing near but had not seen deceased fall), to go to him. They raised its head out of the water, but life appeared to be quite extinct. After getting the body to the machine every attempt was made to restore animation, but, sad to say, they were ineffectual. Dr. Bennett said that deceased had not been in a fit state of health to bathe in the sea, and resolve opinion that he was dead when he fell. A verdict of “Died from natural causes” Was returned.



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