DEATH – MITCHELL Benjamin (2 months old)

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 15/12/1876


          On Monday afternoon (11/12), an inquest was held at the Warrenby Hotel, before Mr. W. Robinson, deputy coroner, on view of the body of Benjamin Mitchell, two months old, who had died rather suddenly on Sunday morning (10/12). The deceased did not seem very well on Saturday night (09/12), and before going to bed his mother gave him a teaspoonful of caster oil. She was awakened about five o’clock the following morning by during a “rattling” in the child’s throat. The child then appeared to have great difficulty in breathing, and he died before medical assistance could be obtained. Dr. McKinlay deposed that he was present at the birth of the child, which was a very puny one, and he was then of opinion that it would not be reared. He did not, however, seen it for a month previous to its death. From the appearance of the body, and his previous knowledge of the child, he thought it possible that it had died from convulsions. A verdict of “death from natural causes” was returned.


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