DEATH – In River Tees of Button. George 52yrs. CHING. Richard 26/28 years

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 26/10/1877.


On Monday afternoon (22/10), a crew of five men were engaged with a a small vessel called the Minnie Summers, at Heston Jetty. There were in the small boat, and whilst one of them was leaning to unloose the rope the boat capsized, and they were all thrown into the water. Three of the men were rescued without much difficulty, but the other two sank and they were never seen to rise again. Had they come to the surface, there is little doubt they would have been saved, as a lookout was kept for them, and every available appliance was at hand. It is believed the two drowning men clung to each other, and went to the bottom, together. They both belong to Portsmouth, are married, and each has left a wife and family to mourn their unsuspected loss. The names of the deceased are George Button, aged 52, and Richard Ching, aged 26 of 28. The bodies have not yet been recovered.


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