EDITORIAL – Recar Local Board of Health

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 07/01/1870.


            The proceedings of the Local Board of Health have not of late attracted much public attention, chiefly from the fact that the business has been transacted so bloody quietly. Contrasted with the former sensational meetings of the Board, those of the last few months are in marked contrast: and it is worth the consideration of those interested in the proceedings of that body cooperate to enquire whether, after all the quietness, which is indicative of health or disease. One thing is certain, that out of the nine members constituting the Board of not more than two thirds usually attend the meetings; and when business of importance is transacted, as was the case on Monday last (03/01), it is left in the hands of two or three persons, who may possibly be interested in this decision of the day.

            The point to which we desire to call attention is the proposal to extend the boundary line between King’s Villa and Prospect Cottage, which lined was fixed some years ago by Lord Zetland’s agent, and to which all persons who leased round where required it to conform. Since the direction of the See Wall, it has entered the minds of some persons in no way interested in the property in question, that a great improvement would be effected by altering the boundary line and extending it down to the new Promenade, to which all the adjoining owners would ultimately be required to extend; notwithstanding the fact that existing buildings would be materially injured, and previous loss occurred by those who had already released around, built on it, and contributed towards the construction of the Sea Wall. The Board had recently a plan submitted to them for a proposed building, to extend 20 feet below the boundary line. This, being known to the adjoining owners, was petitioned against, and the plan rejected in consequence of the projection below the existing line. The subject had also been fully represented to the Earl of Zetland, through his agent, G. D. Trotter, Esq., And from his letter given in our report of Monday’s meeting. It will be saying that his Lordship had no wish to compel the leaseholders to extend their limits against their will. Now, it was well known before Monday’s meeting that the majority of the owners. Not only did not wish for an extension of the line but were decidedly opposed to it. Nevertheless, when the same plan without any alteration whatever, was presented to the Board for the third time on Monday last, the plan was passed by a majority of one; to persons voting for it (Mr Thos. Watson and Mr J. Mallaby,) warn against it (Mr Whitaker), and one remaining neutral (Mr Fairbridge). The Chairman did not vote had to this matter being and an unimportant one, the mode in which the plan was smuggled through the Bold need not have been of especial interest; but the alteration of a boundary line to the injury of existing property, and against the wish of nearly all the persons interested, is an arbitrary stretch of authority for which the Board deserve to be called to account.

It is no excuse for the absent members to plead ignorance of the matter through non–attendance; for they are elected for the express purpose of conducting the town’s business by their attendance at meetings; and it is in the interests of ratepayers that we urge the necessity at the next election of members of selecting men who have the good of Redcar sufficiently at heart to devote a portion of their time to the public good; and if it is possible to find men not entirely warped by the selfishness which is a marked characteristic of many of those who aspire to be public characters in Redcar, to choose such men as will further the ends of injustice and equity.


Lol Hansom March 15, 2013 Editorial, Letters and other.