EDITORIAL – The Piers, Bands and other entertainment

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 13/07/1877.


            Notwithstanding the dull and showery weather, which has characterised the early part of July, and inspired of the “hard times,” the season of the Cleveland watering-places may be said to have fairly commenced. A goodly number of visitors have already by their presence cheered up the hearts of the inhabitants of Redcar, Coatham, and Saltburn-by-the-Sea, and by week our columns testify to the rapidly increasing number of visitors; and we hope shortly to be able to chronicle the fact that the lodgings are all full. This, however, is not the case at present, and one cause must not be overlooked, viz., the late vacations, for the Eton and Harrow terms have almost completely superseded the all Midsummer vacations, and the family people are wont to regulate their wishes to the seaside for the pleasure of their young people. It has been a subject of observation that the seasons generally become later, and that whereas July, was formally the most fashionable month, it is clear that August is now superseding it, and as that month is usually one of the finest of the year, perhaps it is not to be regretted that the seasons are a little later. The attractions of Redcar and Coatham are as great as ever, greater in fact for the directors of the Redcar Pier have had the boldness to engage in a band to play every evening, and we are bound in justice to their enterprise, and to the leader and conduct of the band, Messrs. Haselden and Barraclough, to say that most excellent music his discoursed, and that not only is the band thoroughly good as a whole, but individually. The performers are far above the average. All musical critics who have frequented the Pier unite in stating that the band performances reflect great credit on all concerned. At Coatham Pier band has been engaged under the direction of Mr. Carl Suchsland. To vary these performances, through the courtesy of Colonel Allison and the offices of the North Durham Militia, now encamped on the race course, the band of the Regiment performs on Coatham Pier on Monday and Thursday evenings and on Redcar Pier on Wednesday evenings. Of music, therefore Redcar and Coatham have their full quota, and in addition to this the bathing and boating on the beach offer their greatest attractions. We should not omit to mention that through the spirited enterprise of some local gentleman steamers ply constantly from Redcar Pier to Hartlepool, Sunderland, Whitby, and Scarborough. To all, therefore, who value a seaside resort per se, Redcar and Coatham offer all that can be desired in the way of enjoyment. Saltburn-by-the-Sea is at its best – the glen lovely, the beach, pier, and hoist attractive as usual, and wanting only a really good band, which we hear is Nell been organised to complete its list of attractions. It is probable that although late, the present season, will not fall very far short of its predecessors; there are drawbacks, it is true, but change of air and scene have become such an absolute necessity to the denizens of towns, that we cannot doubt that the Sands of Redcar, Coatham, and Saltburn-by-the- Sea will be crowded as in former years, and for the sake of all whose interests are at stake we sincerely trust that such will be the case.


Lol Hansom December 4, 2014 Editorial, Letters and other.