EDITORIAL – Redcar & Coatham Young Men’s Association

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 30/11/1877.


At the commencement of the winter, we think it right to call attention to the Redcar and Coatham Young Men’s Christian Association, which has removed to the Reading-room near the Central Hall. The Association has been two-and-a-half years in existence, but i it already numbers over fifty members and associates, and efforts are now being made to widen the field of its operations and increase its usefulness. The Committee having the first instance exercised in a wide discretion in making the Reading-room thoroughly comfortable, and in the place of the former desolation there is a well-warmed and well-lighted room, cheerful and infighting in aspect, open every evening. The advantages of such a place of resort during the long nights of winter cannot be overestimated, and we hope that the Institution will become more generally known and appreciated. It has often been a matter of regret to the well wishes of young men that no such institution was in existence in Redcar, Coatham, and now that the want is supplied, it is very desirable that the class for whose benefit the Institution is intended should embrace its advantages stop we understand that classes are in course of formation, and whilst we do not undervalue the devotional meetings and bible classes, we strongly recommend the Committee to form classes of systematic secular instruction, as mental culture is absolutely necessary in any endeavour to form the Christian character of the young.. We learn with pleasure that one gentleman has consented to teach and arithmetic class, and we earnestly hope that others will be found who will undertake the task of imparting instruction in some other useful branches of knowledge: very high attainments are no requisite, but a teacher should be master of the subject, and sufficiently interested in it to awaken the attention of these pupils. If classes in English history, grammar, and geography are formed, a considerable amount of good may be done, and associates would be obtained who could have the further benefits arising from the prayer meetings, singing and bible classes. The library, which has been for many years in course of formation, has been left by the Committee of the Reading-room for the use of members of the Young Men’s Christian Association; and donation of books either towards this, or the more strict religious library formed by the Association itself will be gladly accepted. Further information as to the working of the Association may be obtained from the secretaries, M. W. Howe, Queen Street, Coatham; or Mr. W. Inman, jun., Craster Terrace.