EDITORIAL – Redcar1877 – 1878

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 31/05/1878.

REDCAR 1877 -1878 (Editorial)

            According to annual custom at the commencement of the season we have to congratulate our readers on the departure of winter and the commencement of summer, albeit the winter has been an extremely mild one, and the spring very cold, with the exception of if few weeks in April, when the weather was very genial. It was fortunate for the poor that the winter was so mild, for in scarcity of work, and the poverty resulting therefrom, the past winter in Redcar has been as far as we know, unparalleled. Not only has this been the case with the labourers, but the fishermen have suffered severely from the scarcity of fish to an extent before unknown on this coast. Cobles, which used to bring onshore a finny freight worth two or 3 pounds, have constantly, after “toiling all night,” only caught what has sold for five or 10 shillings. We do not think the cause of this is satisfactorily ascertained. It is said by some that the cobles do not go out far enough, and that the fish is caught by others, who frequent the deep waters. The fishermen say that steam trawlers outside, and catch the fish before it reaches the ordinary ground. The fact remains that fish has been unusually scarce, and the poverty of those who live constantly from hand to mouth has been commensurate. Summer brightens the aspect of all things, and the return of visitors is blocked for with great anxiety by all who hope to be benefited by the presence. Redcar is a great board in place, but last season. The weather was so wet and unfavourable that much less boating than usual was done. In fact, the rainfall of the last two seasons was much above the average, and we may hope that the reverse may be the case during the coming summer. So much depends upon the weather for the enjoyment of visitors at seaside resorts like Redcar, Coatham, and Saltburn, where the amusements chiefly sought for our out of doors. The enjoyment of music on the piers, which has been a great feature of recent years, is greatly marred by bad weather, and people do not like to be “cribbed, cabined, and confined” in lodging-houses when it is possible to boat, bathe, ride, drive, or promenade on the piers or beach. For the sake of all who come in search of health, pleasure, order creation, and all who have benefited thereby, we sincerely hope the weather will be fine. Notwithstanding the local and general depression in trade, deeply as this is felt and lamented, there are large classes of people to whom a visit to the seaside is necessary. It has become a recognised fact of hygiene that change of air and scene are requisite for the conservation of health and the prevention or cure of disease. As the knowledge of these increases, health resorts are more and more frequented, and the watering places of Cleveland offer no ordinary facilities for enjoyment for the invalid, the convalescent, the pedestrian, the lover of aquatics, of the naturalist. Moreover, these places are easy of access, and the air is health giving and invigorating in the extreme. The absence of zymotic diseases and the Lord death rate demonstrates the healthiness of these localities. This is endorsed by the great age, to which many of the inhabitants attain. An old and respected resident has recently recovered from a severe illness at the age of eighty-six; whilst the United images of three old people who died in Redcar during the last few months’ amounts to 242 years. An old inhabitant of Coatham recently passed away at the age of ninety-five; and the oldest inhabitant of Redcar, now living is ninety, and the old lady is active and in good health! We will then, as usual, look forward hopefully to the season: may it be successful, and reward the tiles, anxieties, and labours of those who after a long winter look forward to the reward, which sweetens labour, and which, when it comes undoubtedly cheers the toiler both on land and sea.


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