EDUCATION – Redcar & Coatham Philosophical Association

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the Sea Gazette 06/10/1876.


            With the view of aiding young men residing in Redcar and Coatham who may wish to spend a portion of their spare time. during the winter evenings in the study of some branch of Science an Association has been established with the above title. A preliminary meeting was held at the Grammar School on Monday evening (02/10), when arrangements were made for commencing the study of Chemistry, Geology, and Physical Geography, under the direction of Jeremiah Head, Esq., Thos. Ridley. Esq., And the Rev. J. Davey. Meetings will be held once a week for the description and elucidation of these subjects. You men desirous of becoming members are requested to communicate with the Rev. J. Davey (hon. sec. pro tem).


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