EDUCATION – Redcar Zetland Schools

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 12/01/1877


            Friends of education in Redcar will hear with pleasure that the Government inspector’s report’s, just received by the Managers, bear testimony to the fairer efficiency of the work in both Schools. Miss Barwick, the mistress of the Infants’ School, has had the following satisfactory endorsement on her parchment::-“The order and instruction of this School do great credit to its teacher.” This Barwick has had much experience in teaching, and the several Inspectors who have visited the School have invariably commended her work. The Zetland School during the tenure of the late master had fallen considerably from the high standard which it had for many years maintained under the former able teachers. Mr. Thos Harrison, the president master, was fresh from the Training College when appointed in March last; he found the School law in numbers, but in discipline, and many of the children backward in their work. It is extremely gratifying to find that Mr. Harrison has successfully grappled with the difficulties of the situation, and raise the School to a very high position, in the short space of eight months. To corroborate this statement we make the following quotation from the report of Mr. Markeim, the Government Inspector:-“I am glad to be able to report a great improvement in the work of this School. It’s order and discipline are excellent, and there is no doubt partly due to the care with which military drill has been taught by the present teacher. The children also passed a satisfactory examination in class subjects. W. Picknett who was presented in three special subjects, past in all three. ” Picknett’s special subjects were Mathematics French, and English History; and English Literature. The class subjects alluded to our Grammar, Geography, and English History; the ordinary subjects being Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. The percentage of passes as increased 4 per cent.-The previous year 66%.paassed, last year 91.9; the average percentage throughout the country being about 80. The work of the pupil teachers also shows great improvement: last year there were several failures, this year there were none, whilst the Arithmetic of Miss Evans is reported “excellent,” and her teaching is commended. It may be added that this School has been supplied with a new set of books and apparatus by the Manages, and we are glad to give publicity to the foregoing facts, which prove that these Schools are in a thoroughly satisfactory condition.


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