EDUCATION Tees Educational Association

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 03/06/1870.


            This dissociation held its annual meeting at Coatham on Saturday last (28/05),. The proceedings commenced with Morning Prayer in the Coatham Church, after which the members adjourned to the schoolrooms, where the meeting was held, the Rev. A. E. Clementi Smith in the chair. Mr. Lees, of St. Hilda’s, Middlesbrough, read an excellent paper on “The Extra Subject” required to be taught in Government schools beyond the three elementary subjects of reading, writing, and arithmetic. It was then resolved to petition Parliament on the “religious difficulty,” the members of this dissociation finding no difficulty in inculcating the precepts of Christianity in their schools. Mr. Bland, of the Zetland Schools, Redcar, was re-elected secretary and treasurer. After the transaction of the business, the members sat down to an excellent dinner, and this concluded a very pleasant gathering.