EVENT – Christmas at Redcar and Saltburn

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 28/12/1877


            Contrary to expectation, Christmas has at the drawl come upon us with its traditional aspect, a hard frost setting in on Christmas Eve, followed by a fall of snow, much of which yet it remains. At Redcar and Coatham services suitable to the festive character of the season were held in the parish churches, which were decorated according to annual custom; carols being sung in the evening of Christmas Day. At Redcar a dole of 6s., each to the poor widows, and a few shillings to all the necessitous and aged pool known to exist in the parish, were distributed from the Church offertories, as usual. At Coatham the annual gift of beef and coals, the gift of Mr. Newcomen, the Lord of the Manor, were distributed. At Redcar Wesleyan Chapel service was held on Christmas morning, and a public tea was provided in the School-room in the afternoon, followed by the Sunday School anniversary gathering in the Chapel, which was well attended and very successful. The Congregationalists celebrate their anniversary today (Friday), when there will be a public tea meeting in the School-room, followed by a Christmas tree; the children’s Festival will be held on New Year’ s Day. The Primitive Methodists are all so to have a meeting on New Year’ Day in the Central Hall, preceded by a public tea. At Saltburn services were held in the parish church, and at the dissenting chapels on Christmas Day, and on Wednesday the Primitive Methodists had a Christmas tree and sale of work, in aid of liquidating the debt of £800, which exists on the minister’ s house, schoolroom, and other buildings attached to the chapel. Business is this week almost entirely suspended.


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