EVENT – Coatham Penny Readings

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 15/02/1878.


            The last of these entertainments for this season was given on Monday evening (11/02), in the School-room, Coatham. There was a full attendance, and the programme was usually long and attractive. The readings were all exceedingly good, without exception. The pianoforte duet by Miss and Mr. H. A. Jordison, was very effectively rendered, and received a vociferous encore. The part songs were not so well rendered as they might have been, owing, no doubt, to the one of sufficient practice together. At the conclusion, the Rev. L. B. Towne moved a vote of thanks to the ladies and gentleman who had given their services during the winter, and to the Rev. A. J. N. MacDonald, for his admirable organisation of the same. The following is the full programme:-Chorus, “The Peasants’ Serenade,” (Faust); reading, “Vat you please,” Rev. L.  B. Towne; ballad, “Her bright smile haunts me still,” Mr. Coverdale’s; part song, “The Hardy Norman;” reading, “Experiences of the Mc. Williamses with membranons Croup,” Mr. and are widely used in the work is the result of an Bottomley; ballad, “The Lover and the Bird,” Miss F. Nelson; pianoforte duet,
“I’l Corricolo,” Miss E. Turner and Miss Turner; recitation, “Old Maids,” Mr. Wynn; song, “Simon the Cellarer,” Mr. G. Hood; reading, Mr. Kyle; part song, “The Blue Bells of Scotland,; “song, “When Sparrows Build,” Miss F. Nelson; pianoforte duet, selection from “Martha,” Mr. H. A. Jordison and Miss H. Jordison; part song, “O, who will o’er the Downs;” ballad, “The Skipper and his Boy,” Herr F. Schwenk (encored twice); reading, reading, “Mr. Weller, sen., delivers himself as a critic,” Rev. A. J. N. MacDonald; chorus, “March of the

Men of Harlech,”; finale, “God save the Queen.”


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