EVENT – Entertainment in Redcar

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 17/06/1878


            On Monday (13/06), and amateur entertainment was given in the Central Hall, Redcar, in aid of the poor of the town. Mr. J. H. Webster occupied the chair. The attendance was not so large as usual, and this was to be regretted on account of the object of the entertainment, though it had no effect on the performance itself, for the programme was gone through without a single hitch, and was successful in the highest degree. This Hartley’s rendering of the scene from Der Frieschutz” was magnificent and well-deserved the enthusiastic applause with which it was greeted; in addition to her song of “It was a dream,” Miss Hartley sang “Twas within a mile of Edinbro’ town.” The pianoforte duet of Misses Bennett was rendered with their accustomed taste and expression, and Master Felix Cruse was also rewarded with an encore. Mr. Smithers’ concertina soul or was really demanded, and on his second appearance he gave a selection of Welsh airs. Mr. Wynn deserves to be congratulated for his recitation of “Paddy the Piper,” for it is certain that he never appeared to greater advantage. Messrs. Coverdale, Ord, and Harrison received an encore for their trio and in response give the catch “Poor Thomas Day.” It is scarcely necessary to add that Mr. Allatt’s songs, especially the last, in which he introduced several local and political allusions, were greatly relished by the audience. The following was the fall program: – Pianoforte duet, Overture to “Masaniello” (Auber), Misses M. L. and M. Bennett; trio, “Ye Mariners of England” (Callott), Messrs. Coverdale, Ord, and Harrison; song, “True to the Last” (Adams), Mr. Allatt; recitation, “Paddy the Piper” (Lover). Mr. Wynn; pianoforte solo, Fantasias ear on airs from “L’Biliair d’ Amore” (Theodore Dohler), Master Felix Cruse; duet, “The Minuet Gun at Sea” (King), Messrs. Coverdale and Ord; song, and “Wie N you ahte Mir Der Schlummer” (from Der Frieschutz), Miss Hartley; song, “Afton Water”, Mr. Schwenk; solo concertina, Fantasias here on Airs from “Luerezia Borgia” (Blag rove), Mr. Smithers; song, “The British Lion” (Walker), Mr. T. Harrison; pianoforte solo “Nocturne Op.9 (Hummel), Miss M. L. Bennett; song, “It was a Dream” (Cowen), Miss Hartley; comic song, “A.B.C.” With banjo accompaniment by Mr. Smithers), Mr. Allatt. The accompanists were Messrs. E. Schmitt’s, J. A. Rutherford, and H. M. Gibbons. At the clause a hearty vote of thanks was according to the performers, and the audience joined in singing, “God save the Queen.”


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