EVENT – Guy Fawkes’ Day

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 10/11/1871


            The celebration of this annual carnival lasted over three days at Redcar. On Saturday evening (04/11) the bonfire was lighted on the promenade by some of the younger generation, but it was quickly put out by the police, and the various parts of the town choice collections of fireworks were displayed. On Sunday evening (05/11) crackers, &c., were let off in the public streets, but the chief pyrotechnical sights were reserved for the 6th inst. Early on the evening of which day a large bonfire was lighted in the middle of High Street, near to the entrance of Church Street, which been fed with tar and other combustibles of a alike nature blazed most furiously, lighting up the houses near with a weird glare, dimming the light from the gas lamps, and emitting a most offensive and oppressive smoke. For some years the anniversary of the day has been, comparatively speaking, quietly got over, and it was supposed that the matter was gradually dying out but the opposite fact was perceptible on Monday night (06/11), and we hope for the credit of the town that proceedings like those we have referred to may be prevented next year by the precaution of having an additional made to the number of the local guardians of the peace.


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