EVENT – Port of Hull Society

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 16/11/1877


            On Monday evening (13/11), the annual meeting in connection with the Redcar branch of this useful society, was held in the Central Hall, which was crowded to access. Mr. T. Shiel presided, and on the platform were the four fatherless boys, belonging Redcar now receiving the benefits of this institution – their happy and contented appearance being the subject of general remark. Mr. W. Sharrah (Coast Missionary), who was warmly welcomed on rising to address the audience, spoke for about an hour-and – a – half of the work of the Port of Hull Society, dwelling, especially on its operations and monks the orphans of sailors and fishermen: his remarks were agreeable interspersed with numerous anecdotes of scenes that had come under his own observation, and were listened to with unabated interest throughout. He announced at the close that subscriptions amounting to £6.6s. had been received by himself in Redcar that day, and a collection was subsequently made, which realised £4.10s. Votes of thanks were recorded by acclamation to Mr. K. Cowl, who had granted the use of the Central Hall for the meeting, free of charge; two a gentleman unknown, who had undertaken to pay for the gas; to Mr. Sharrah, and the Chairman.



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