Event – Presentation to Mr Jno. Hall gate

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette.11/02/1870.


            On Friday (08/02) last, a very interesting ceremony took place at Mr George Wren’s, the Globe Hotel, viz., the presentation of a purse containing thirty-three sovereigns to Mr Jno. Hallgate, who will be well known to the old visitors at Redcar as a hosteler at the Red Lion Hotel for many years, in which capacity his diligence and attention to his duty, and his willing and/or be like seeing disposition, gained him the esteem of all who knew him. In addition to this, his skill and services in the veterinary art were always ready at call, at any hour of  night, either for the pampered hunter of the gentleman of the pig of the poorest cottager. So high was the opinion, his neighbours entertained of him, that when he left. Redcar, in 1845, he was presented with a valuable silver watch and guard and six guineas in money, as a token of their regard. After leaving Redcar, he resided 17 years at Heywood, when his upright, but and industrious and useful life were so appreciated that on leaving his situation from ill health in 1864, besides receiving a very kind testimonial of character from his master. He was presented with a more substantial one, a valuable silver snuffbox and seven guineas in money, to mark the esteem and regard in which he was held by his friends in that neighbourhood. Since that time he has resided at Coatham, and his valuable services have always been readily given to either rich or poor, whenever called for. The same upright and honourable conduct, the same industry and usefulness which gained him the esteem of his friends and former days, have still continued and his all endeavour seems always to have been to do good to his fellow man. To mark the high opinion held them as a man, and in gratitude for his services, his friends in the neighbourhood entertained him at a supper at the Globe Hotel on Friday last (08/02) when he was presented with a handsome purse, provided by Mr Mace, jeweller, on a silver plate, on which the following inscription was engraved :-“This purse, containing thirty-three sovereigns, was presented to John Hallgate by his friends in Redcar, Coatham, and neighbourhood, as a token of esteem, Feb, 11th, 1870,”                                                                                                                                    Communicated


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