EVENT – Redcar and Coatham Tradesmen’s Ball

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 26/08/1877


           The sixth annual ball of the tradesmen of Redcar and Coatham was held on Wednesday night , (24/08), in the Central Whole, and, save for the single drawback of the attendance being somewhat less than was anticipated – which may probably be accounted for by the numerous local gatherings of a kindred nature that have been crowded into this week – was a most pleasant and enjoyable one. What the assembly lacked in numbers, however, was made up by the hearty nurse with which those present, threw themselves into the “work” of the evening, and dancing, which commenced about half past nine o’clock, was kept up with on flagging spirit until nearly six o’clock yesterday morning (25/08). The arrangement of rooms was similar to that of previous years, the appearance of the large hall, which had been prepared for dancing, bearing witness to the test and ingenuity of the decorators – the orchestra, especially which was lighted at the back by a number of small lamps suspended amid evergreens; and pleasing devices in flags, etc. The stewards were Messrs. Bottomley, Cowl, Dermont, Hikeley, Lee, and Previll; Mr. S. Gamble, ho, sec .; While Mr. Atkinson returned to his old post of M.C.., The enjoyment of the guests being in no small degree attributable to the well timed efforts of these gentlemen. Woodham’s well-known quadrille band, from Barmaid Castle, was at this event.


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