EVENT – The Tradesmans’ Ball

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 23/01/1874


            The annual ball of the tradesmen of Redcar took place on Wednesday evening last (21/01), in the Central Hall, and moved compare favourably with the warm of last year in point of brilliancy and effect. It was a most enjoyable assembly, and it cannot be denied that the attractions of the ball-room are an important element in securing such a company as the one we are now speaking off. The noble was elegantly fitted up for the occasion, and the transformation from its ordinary bareness reflected much credit upon the designers and of the decorations. As of old the building was draped with crimson, giving a peculiarly rich effect to the scene as a whole. At the West End of the room was the motto, in gold letters, on a red ground, “God save the Queen,” while at the other end were the words in silver, also on a red ground, “Success to the Town and Trade,” and at different points advantage the sameness was considerably relieved by appropriate decorations, the chief being large mirrors, banners, but no arrests, pictures, evergreens, &c. There were also rooms fitted up in which those who had fatigued themselves with the pleasures of the dance, could retire and enjoy a quiet game of cards. A ladies’ retiring room was also provided, in fact everything was so arranged that left nothing to be desired. Dancing was announced to commence at 9 o’clock, but very few visitors had arrived before half past. At that hour the interior of the ball presented an animated appearance. The ladies dresses were magnificent, every, seeming to have admirers who did it full justice, the whole contrasting well with the dark and traditional surroundings of the gentleman. After supper, which was partaken of in the adjoining room, dancing was again resumed, and kept up with never flagging vigour until nearly 6 o’clock yesterday (22/12) morning. Mr Atkinson again officiated as M.C., Mr. S. Gamble being the secretary, and both gentlemen were indefatigable in their endeavours to promise the comfort and enjoyment of all present. Mr. F. Groenings’ band occupied the orchestra, and acquitted themselves credibly. Mrs Dove Wilson, of Coatham, provided the viands, which were of excellent description, while Mr. Hikeley, of the Lobster In, supplied the wines, &c. In conclusion the ball was a great success, the entire arrangements giving satisfaction to all present.



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