EVENT – Whitsuntide at Redcar and Saltburn

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 14/06/1878.


            These favourite Cleveland watering-places were visited by thousands of persons from the neighbouring Teesside towns on Monday (10/06). Special trains were also run from Leeds and Bishop Auckland, and streamers from Sunderland, Newcastle, etc. The weather throughout the day threat red, which several times fell, but it was on the whole a favourable day for outdoor enjoyment, and the Sands at Redcar and Coatham were crowded. The whole day, and bathing and boating were freely indulged in. The Piers were also well patronised by large numbers, especially Redcar, where upwards of 2100 persons paid for admission. Mr. Coulson’s Museum and Observatory in Station Road were thrown open for the first time, and received a fair amount of patronage, but we defer a detailed notice, suffice it for the present to say that the splendid prospect from the Observatory will well repay the trouble of ascending. The local Oddfellows had their annual procession, and at noon, they attended Coatham Church, where service was held, and a sermon preached by the vicar, the Rev. L. H. Towne; in the afternoon, then marched through the streets, accompanied by a band, to Mr. Wren’s field near the race course, where a gala was held, and dancing, and other sports were indulged in. At Saltburn there was no special attraction offered, as in previous years, but not withstanding large numbers found their way thither, and bathing and boating appeared to be the favourite pastime, while nota few went in for repeated trips up and down the hydraulic lift connecting the cliffs with the sands. The pleasure grounds, just freshly laid out, looked in splendid trim, and the vast numbers who promenaded the winding walks were loud in their admiration of the natural beauties so artistically supplemented by the gardener’s skillful handiwork. On Tuesday (11/06). A special train brought about 600 excursionists from Darlington, but the weather was in perfect contrast to that of Monday, rain falling in torrents during nearly the whole of the day.


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