EVENTS – Soiree at the Congregational School, Redcar

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 08/02/1878.


A soiree and entertainment was given in the above schoolroom on Monday evening last (03/02), the Rev. W. J. Franks in the chair. There was a crowded company present. The following was the programme:-sole pianoforte,” The Battle March of Delhi, “Mr. J. Shiel; reading from Longfellow, Mr. Svensson; song, “Rock me to sleep, mother,” Miss Cowl; recitation, “The Frenchman and his Sheep Trotters,” Mr. S. Williams; glee, “Sir Knight, Sir Knight, O whither away,” glee party; duet pianoforte, Messrs Hudson and Angus; recitation, from Dickens’ “Holly  Tree Inn,” Miss Halliwell; song, “Would that the kind were o’er,” Mrs. Svensson; reading, “Heaw Billy Armitage managed to get a neet’s lodgings,” Mr. Shiel; Solo concertina, “La Figlia del Reggimento,” Mr. Smithers (accompanied on the pianoforte by Miss Cowl); glee, “Who is Sylvia?” glee party; reading, “The Prisoner of Chillon,” Miss Tomlinson; duet, “Come o’er the Moonlit Sea, ”Messrs. Stead and Griffiths; recitation, “The Leper,” Mr. J. Read; humorous song, “Mrs. Brown and her luggage,” Mr. Stead; glee, “March of the Men of Harlech,” glee party. The manner in which the whole programme was gone through appeared to give great satisfaction to all present, and the pianoforte duet by Messrs. Hudson and Angus (of Middlesbrough), gained a hearty encore, as did all so the concertina sole all by Mr. Smithers, the latter giving in response a selection on the accordion. At the close of the second part, Mr. J. H. Stead exhibited a telephone, and gave an interesting explanation of the principles with the aid of experiments. Other attractions were also provided, and refreshments were served in the intervals. The proceeds of the evening, amounting to £4, were presented to the organist of the Church at a gathering of a private nature held in the school.


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