EVENTS – Warrenby Musical Entertainment

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 15/02/1878.


            The last of these entertainments for the present season was given on Wednesday evening (13/02), in the Warrenby school room, before a numerous audience. The following programme was well gone through:-Part song, “The Blue Bells,” Choir; piano duet, the Misses Bennison; song, “The Little Brown Jug,” Mr. Pallister; song, “’T’was within a mile of Edinbro Town:” Miss N. Davis (encored); reading, Mr. Druller; song, “Too Late,” Miss Davison; song, “The little Letter,” Mr. Turner (encored); glee, “The Hardy. Norseman.” Choir; reading, “The Village Gossips,” Mr. Pallister; song, “The fall Jolly Smiths,” Mr. Hood (encored); trio, “To all you ladies now on land,” Messrs. Coverdale, Moor, and Davis; song, “Barney O’Hea,” Miss Crabtree (encored) quintette; miss Would and Mr. Gibbons (piano), Rev. G. R. Fletcher and Mr. A. Coverdale (violins), Mr. Moore (piccolo); recitation, “The Well of St. Keyne,.” Mr. J. Wynn; song, Mr. Coverdale. Before the National Anthem was sung. Mr. Druller (one of the Church wardens) address the audience, and asked them to join him in thanking Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher for their untiring exertions in getting up the entertainments; as well as to the many kind friends who had come forward to help them. The Rev. G. R. Fletcher (curate-in-charge of Warrenby), in replying, said that it was his most earnest desire to do the best he could for the parishioners, and it was all so Mrs. Fletcher’s, and he sincerely hoped that they would be able to commence the entertainments again in the autumn. The audience then joined in the singing “God save the Queen,” which concluded the entertainment.


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