FISHING – Review In Redcar

Review of Fishing In Redcar (1935)
Lobsters Fetch High Prices

   Fishing during 1935 has been on the whole more successful than 1934. The seas have not been as rough and boats have been able to get well out and make catches before nightfall. The anglers on the Pier are perhaps the most fortunate as they are able to go out in any weather, providing that they are well protected from the cold. Fishing from a boat, however, is a different matter.
Redcar is well-known throughout Britain as a good fishing ground for lobsters and crabs, especially lobsters. The reason for this is that coasts elsewhere have not the same rocky bottom as Redcar. Lobsters have been fetching a high price lately, as much as 1s.6d a lb. Most lobsters weigh 1 1/2lbs. if they are fully grown and in a natural state. A natural state implies that they are in possession of all their claws. Lobsters fight so much that they lose their nippers and have to wait till they grow again..
Cod fishing is in full swing at present. The best time for catching cod is between October and February of the next year. During other months of the year cod may be had, but it is not at its best.
Cockles also are in poor shape at present. Their season is from April to August. Lobsters are in season except for December, January, February, and March.
Fish this year has been a little cheaper, and it is hoped that it will come down further in the future.
The fishing for crab and lobster has not been made without risk on this coast, fro to obtain this dish the risk of losing gear has to be run. Redcar fishermen have been fortunate in this respect. Twice this year they have lost gear through the sea suddenly rising.
The second time nearly ruined some of them as most of the fishermen had every bit of tackle in the water. The year before, they were much more fortunate as they suffered only one serious loss. The sea however, was somewhat rougher during last winter. But the first few months of this year may have something even worse in store for us.


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