Boat and gangway shown on Redcar Beach

Long gone now are fishermen foying for a living. During the summer months and holiday season, many a fisherman could be seen with his fishing boat plying for hire along the waterline with his boat alongside a wooden gangway. The above is a perfect photograph showing a double ended cobble. The cobble would come in on the tide and moor up next to the gangways (one each side of the cobble getting people on and off for speed) The gangways were such a simple device to save people getting wet, but served the purpose well. Taken in 1907 it looks as though the tide has gone out either early morning or late evening and people are taking advantage of sitting on them

The Sea Car – Redcar

Above is the popular sea car which came along later and drove itself in and out of the sea. The boats propeller can still be seen.
Note Redcar Pier, in the background, which
in its early days was also a staging point for the larger vessels that plied their trade along the coast line, north and south, taking holidaymakers along to Runswick bay, Staithes, Hartlepool or even up the River Tees.

If you had a ride on one of these fishing boats, or have information about those days in Redcar – please contact us. 





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