Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the–Sea Gazette 21/06/1878


          At the Conference of the Free Gardeners’ held at Hartlepool on the (13/06) inst., the Grand Master – elect (Mr. W. A. Picknett, of Redcar) gave a number of particulars respecting the new lifeboat which the Order gave to Redcar last year. It will be remembered by our readers that Mrs. Dawson, of Weston Hall, launched the boat on the 30th July last. Exertions were being made to obtain funds for a lifeboat house, and a new carriage was required in consequence of the break down of the original on. Mrs. Dawson gave £100 to the fund on the day of the launch, after which she defrayed the cost of a new carriage, paid for new uniforms for the crew, and subsequently raised the lifeboat house so as to provide a residence for the keeper of the boat, a committee room, reading room and observatory, The total  which Mrs. Dawson has contributed to the object amounts to £1,118 – 15shillings. The reading room is also supplied with daily and weekly papers at Mrs. Dawson’s cost. The Free Gardeners may be congratulated in having obtained so munificent a patroness as Mrs. Dawson, who gives with an unstinted hand to every cause in which she takes and interest.


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