REDCAR – ANIMALS Furious Riding of Horse Redcar and Coatham

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 14/06/1888.


          At Guisborough Court (10/07) John Long and John M. Correff were charged with furiously riding horses at Redcar on (26/05). P.C. Bosomworth stated that shortly after five o’clock the day named he saw the defendants, who are labourers belonging to South Bank, furiously riding horses along the sands and in the streets of Coatham and Redcar. They went along Kirkleatham Lane galloping the horses and flogging them with large pieces of seaweed. A number of persons were walking along the road, and their lives were endangered by the reckless riding of defendants. The bench ordered defendants who did not appear to pay a fine of 5s and costs each.

          Malcolm Durden, of California Bank, near Eston, was also charged with furious riding at Redcar on the (27/05). Sergeant Imeson said he saw the defendant riding a horse furiously along the Esplanade at Redcar, and by doing endangering the lives of those who were walking. Numerous complaints had been received by him respecting the nuisance. Defendant, who did not appear was fined 6d and 10s costs.


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