Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette. 11/11/1878


On Monday night, 11th inst, the Italian barque, “Gemmi Parodi” left Middlesbrough with a cargo of pitch for Genoa. She was towed down the river to the bar by the tugboat Nunthorpe. When near the bar the two lines broke, and as the vessel appeared to be alright and had her sails set the tugboat was not attached. Immediately however, the vessel struck whilst crossing the bar and sank. The captain and crew, together with Mr. H. Grey, broker of Middlesbrough, who happened to be on board, had only just time to save themselves, and were taken on board the “Nunthorpe.” It is said that only a very few minutes elapsed from the time of the ship striking before it was totally submerged. The “Nunthorpe” proceeded to Hartlepool with the crew, where they were kindly received. The barque contained about 1,300 tons of pitch, consigned to Carlo Raggio, a large capitalist in Genoa. The cargo was placed free on board by Dr. Sadler, of the Cleveland Chemical Works, Middlesbrough, who consequently will not be a loser. Early on Tuesday morning the S.S. “Stockton” (Captain Hatcher), bound to the town of Stockton, from London, was entering the Tees, and almost went over the submerged vessel, two of whose masts were protruding through the breakers. There was no light or buoy to mark the spot where the wreck lay, but that was perhaps owing to the fact that only about eight hours had elapsed from the time the barque foundered. Had the S.S. “Stockton” passed right over the wrecked vessel the consequences might have been extremely serious. The value of the cargo of the barque is put down to £2,000. The crew had not time to save anything and several of them were only partially dressed. After foundering, the vessel appears to have parted amidships, and a large piece of the wreck has been cast up on Coatham sands.


Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette. 22/11/1878






The different portions of the hull, masts, rigging, copper, and other stores of the Italian barque “Gemma Parodi,” wrecked in the Tees bay last week, were sold by Messrs T. A. Boyd and J. R. Dunn, auctioneers, on Wednesday last, near Coastguard House, Coatham, and on Coatham and Redcar, and Marske sands. The lots were about 150, extending over three miles down the beach. There were numerous attendances of buyers, and some capital competition; so that the amount realised must have been considerable. Great praise is due to the chief officer of the coastguard and his men for assistance rendered to the captain of the wrecked vessel and their protection of the property, as it was so widely scattered.


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