GUISBOROUGH – Court, Brewster Sessions.

Accreditation the Middlesbrough Gazette 07/09/1870.

Brewster Sessions.

Tuesday (06/09) —Before Admiral Chaloner:, C. C. Oxley, J. G. Swan, J. B. Rudd, and J. T. Wharton, Esqrs.

Brewster Sessions

            This being the annual licensing day, the publicans of the neighbourhood attended for the renewal of their licenses. The following report relates to Redcar licenses only


            Mr Fawcett applied that the licenses of Henry Bakewell Gray, of Coatham, and did not appear might be granted in the name of Thomas Hall. Mr Gray had conducted the house in a way neither beneficial to himself, nor the landlord, and had now bolted and consequently could not attend to make the application today. If the bench thought fit, they could grab the license and let it remain in the hands of Mr Trevor to a proper tenant could be obtained. The bench granted the application, additional upon the tenant properly furnishing the house.

Mr Faber next applied on behalf of John Davidson, of Redcar, who are at present occupied the “Royal Standard” as a beer house. Several special testimonials of character were produced, dating from 1857. During the four years of occupancy. There had not been one complaint against the house. Where people conducted their houses well under a beer license, it was desirable for the bench to grant a spirit licenses, and thus full control of the house. Applicant was called, and proved service of notices. Application refused.

Mr Fawcett applied for a spirit license to the “Alexandra Hotel,” Redcar. Mr Hett objected on behalf of the railway company. Mr Fawcett said there was never any complaint against the house as a beer house, and what objection the railway company might have. He could not understand. The company might say the same as last year, that there was a level crossing, but he contended that it was the company’s for making one, and that his client should not be made to suffer for their neglect. Mr Oxley said that there were some rather quashed double neighbours about this house. Applicant said that they were on the loyalties of discharge. Application refused.

William Wilson, beer house keeper, “Princes Royal Hotel,” Redcar, made personal application for spirit license to his house. Application refused.

Mr Peat, of Redcar, applied for license to sell beer for consumption off the premises. Granted.


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