GUISBROUGH – Redcar, Brutal Assault.

Accreditation the Middlesbro and Stockton Gazette 13/03/1868


            At Guisbrough Petty Sessions on Tuesday and (10/03), ), before Rev. G. J. Morehead, C.C. Oxley, and J. T. Wharton, Esq.

Matthew Clark, labourer, Redcar, was brought up in the custody of Sgt Marwood, charged with having committed a most violent assault upon Mary Fawcett, a single woman, residing at Redcar, on Sunday night last (08/03), by throwing a large storm on her face as she was leaving church, and smashing her nose, without any provocation. A medical certificate having been putting by Dr Locke that Miss Fawcett was seriously injured, and would not be able to appear for a fortnight, the prisoner was remanded for eight days.


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