HORSE RACING – Redcar Racecourse Spring Meeting

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn by-the-Sea Gazette 15/03/1878.


            The Spring turf gathering at Redcar, which is fixed for the 2nd proximo, promises this year to be more than usually successful. It will be the first Yorkshire meeting of the season, and take place in the week following Liverpool. The programme consists of seven events, six of which are closed, viz.:-The Upleatham Plate of 100 sovereigns., 23 entries., The Wilton Spring Handicap Plate of 150 sovereigns., 21 entries; the Open Hunters’ Steeple Chase Plate of 30 sovereigns., 10 entries; the Maiden Hunters’ Steeple Chase Plate of 20 sovereigns., 12 entries. The Cleveland United Hunters’ Plate of 30 sovereigns., 25 sovereigns for the winner and five sovereigns to be equally divided between the second and third horses, will close and name on Tuesday next (20/03


Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn by-the-Sea Gazette 05/04/1878.


            The Redcar Race Committee have frequently had to contend against adverse weather, but never to the same extent as on Tuesday (02/04), which was about the most miserable day for outside sport that could well be imagined. Indeed, the meteorological surroundings suggested that it was almost too early in the season to begin racing, for with Roseberry topping and the continuation of the range of hills, which compromise the Cleveland Mountains, capped and wreathed in snow, and with sleet and rain pelting continuously about one’s ears, the inauguration of the racing season in the North was by far the reverse of an agreeable reunion. Notwithstanding, a vast concourse of people assembled, the greater portion being from Middlesbrough and Stockton, though the weather certainly had the effect of keeping away a great number, while the depression in the trade in the district, still further tended to lessen the receipts, and though taken on the whole the racing was excellent, and auditing of the accounts for the meeting will scarcely show a balance on the right side, a circumstance very much to be regretted, for amongst our northern racing meetings known perhaps have made the same strides and beds for popularity, as has that of Redcar, and it is a pleasure to reflect that, despite the one or two drawbacks already experienced, there is such a spirited lot of supporters at the back of Mr. T. S. Dawson, the popular clerk of the course, that they will leave no stone, on turned on till they have landed the Redcar gathering at the topmost branch of the tree as regards the Northern circuit. The course, consequent on the incessant fall of sleet and snow overnight and the rainfall on the day of sport, was naturally very holding, though certainly not so bad as some running tracks, we could mention would have been under similar circumstances. There were seven. “Events” on the card for decision.

The Open Hunters’ Steeplechase Plate

The Yorkshire Hunters’ Plate

The Maiden Hunters’ Steeplechase plate

(There were 4 other races see above)


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