On, Wednesday, 15th, November, 1854, the brig “Jane Erskine, of Belfast,232 tons, Captain Park, was on route from Antwerp to Newcastle, in ballast was wrecked on Leigh Dam Scar, to the East of Redcar, in a strong South by South Easterly gale. Twenty endeavoured to get to the vessel, in their cobbles, but the sea rising quickly into a storm, the attempt was not successful.
The ship, with her masts gone, was thrown over braodside with her keel to the shore. The sailors clambered on her exposed parts as the sea was breaking all over the vessel. Upon the arrival of the lifeboat “Zetland” the crew were rescued.

On this occasion the “Zetland” carried fifty two passengers to the shore, namely nine of the ships crew, the twenty six fishermen who tried to reach the ship in cobbles and seventeen lifeboatmen.

In the absence of Bob Sheildon, G. Robinson volunteered as coxswain saying
“Aw’ll dee what a can for yee.”


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