Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 04/03/1870


Soon after midnight on Monday (28/02), the schooner Johns, of Sunderland, bound from Santander to Middlesbrough, became a wreck just outside the bar at the mouth of the Tees . At the Fairway buoy the vessel was taken in tow by the steam tug Echo; and
notwithstanding the roughness of the weather all proceed it favourably until opposite the North Gare, when, owing to the severe stress of the tow line broke and the schooner was drifted on the North Gare . As the state of the weather prevented the possibility of aid from either the Seaton all Redcar lifeboat crews, the Echo promptly steamed up to Middlesbrough row to summon the aid of the crew of the lifeboat lying at the dock head there, and by five o’clock a.m. the whole of the crew were rescued from the ship, which was rapidly breaking up.. The storm. Not having abated in violence, this was a work of considerable difficulty; and every man was obliged to leave the wreck by the bowsprit. There be no moon, it was very dark at the time. The crew were sent to Sunderland in the afternoon. The Johns was a schooner, 13 years old, of 99 tons register. She was commanded by Capt Robert Watt, and had on board 140 tons of iron ore. Her car go was consigned to Mr Muller of Middlesbrough . The total loss does not exceed £500.


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