Kirkleatham – Local Board Elections

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 24/08/1877.


            The first election of nine members to form this Board will take place next week, the extravagant number of forty-four persons have been nominated as fit and proper persons to become members of the Board. It is hoped that the ratepayers will appreciate the gravity of the situation, and fought for such gentleman as are really fit for office. The importance of having really practical men can hardly be overestimated, and it is to be feared that some of the nominators have treated a very serious affair as a practical joke. The work before the coming Board is anything but a joke, and the very best men of business the parish boasts of should be selected to organise and administer the important summitry and other matters which must engage the attention of the Board at the outset. A mistake at the beginning may cost the parish hundreds of pounds, and is quite possible to be “penny wise and pound foolish.”


Lol Hansom December 29, 2014 Kirkleatham