KIRKLEATHAM – Local Board, Lobster Road North

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 01/11/1884


           The adjourned Michaelmas Quarter Sessions for the North Riding of the County of York was held at Northallerton on Wednesday (29/10)

  The county Surveyor reported that, in accordance with the order of the court, he had inspected the North Lobster Road, at Redcar.

          The road seemed to have been roughly formed and macadamised when it was made. It had been little used, and the repairs had been neglected, and some drifting sand had bee allowed to accumulate upon its surface. The road had been narrowed by the construction of the Esplanade Road, and a steep decent from Queen Street had been made,

          The Surveyor found that the Highway Authority of the Kirkleatham District Local Board had made default in maintaining or repairing the Highway. The accumulation of sand and rubbish should be cleared off the road, the gradient from Queen Street flattened, and a good coating of well broken stone laid on the road surface from Queen Street to the sea frontage of Mr Thwaite’s houses.

          Such work would easily be completed by the 20th of December, in time for the road to be inspected and reported upon to the Court of Epiphany Sessions

          The Chairman moved that an order be made calling upon the Highway Authority to perform their duty before 20th of December. The resolution was carried unanimously.


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