LAW & ORDER – Assault West Coatham

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 14/04/1870.


            On Sunday (10/04) evening last, a violent assault was committed at the house of Mr Thompson, farmer, West Coatham, under the following circumstances. :- It appears that a number of iron workers, named Wm. Jones, Robert Jones, J. Elgee, R Ballmer, Greenwood, J. Williams, and T. Ward, shoemaker, all of the Tees Tilery, had been spending the afternoon at Redcar, where they had partaken to freely of the “the flowing bowl”. On returning, William Jones, and other two of the men called at Mr Thompson, and asked for some milk. They became very abusive to the servants, and Mr Thompson, hearing the noise, came out and requested the men, very civilly, to cease the noise. Upon this, Jones struck Mr Thompson, a severe blow in the face, and the party then went away. Mr Thompson, together with his servant, Mr Peter Wallace, senr., farmer, and Mr Peter Wallace, jnr., farmer, who had been spending the afternoon with Mr Thompson, went after the men, and apprehended Jones near the Lazenby station. The remainder of the men were some distance behind, shortly after wards came up, and a regular melee ensued, during which Jones was rescued by his comrades. Mr Wallace, Sn r, was seriously injured during the fight, and is at present under medical treatment. Information of the occurrence was at once, paid to the police station at Redcar, and Sgt Marwood immediately proceeded to Tees Tilery, and took the brothers Jordan’s into custody. On Monday (11/04) he took out a warrant against the other men, and apprehending them the same day. All of them were taken before the magistrates on Tuesday (12/04), when they were remanded for a week, on account of Mr Walker, Sn r not be able to attend to give evidence.


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