Law & Order – Assaulting a Policeman

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 31/08/1870


            James Carlton, John Armstrong, Edward Poppleton, William Lewis, and Henry King were summoned for assaulting police Constable Metcalfe, at Redcar, on 8th, August. Mr. W. R. Fawcett appeared for the prosecution, and Mr Wetherill for the defence. Mr Fawcett said that complainant was an officer, and charged the defendants and the members of the Richmond volunteers with assaulting him at Redcar. It was an unprovoked assault, and the defendants also damaged complainant’s co; but considering that he was not on duty, and that at the same time they have paid all damage, and were willing to make a public apology and pay the costs, he did not wish to appear vindictive, and with the permission of the bench, would withdraw the charge. Mr Wetherill said that the defendants acknowledged to have been indiscreet, and through him expressed regret that such a thing should have taken place. They all promised nothing of the kind would care a game. Adml Chaloner, as a commanding officer of volunteers, impressed upon the defendant’s the importance of doing as they were told, because order could not be maintained in any of the way. He could hardly say that if the charge had been pressed, he would have felt it his duty to inform their commanding officer, and dismissal from the corps might have followed. Mr Oxley said it ought to be understood that the defendants rendered themselves liable to six months imprisonment. He hoped this would be a warning to them. The case was then dismissed, on payment of costs, which were very heavy.


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