LAW & ORDER – Disorderly Excursionist’s at Redcar

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea 10/03/1876


            At the Guisborough Police Called, on Tuesday (07/03), David Devereux, of Stockton, and James Manion, formerly a jockey, and now a concert hall comic singer, of Stockton, were charged with assaulting Mr. Eastwood, landlord of the Jolly Sailors Inn, Redcar; and J. H. Gibbonson, clerk, Stockton, was charged with assaulting Police constable Walburn whilst in the execution of his duty, on the 29th ult. The defendant’s had gone to Redcar four an “outing” in a conveyance from Stockton, and put up at the Swan Hotel, where they ordered refreshments in the shape of chops. Owing to the servants being out, there were unable to procure what they required, but were recommended to the Jolly Sailors Inn, and thither Devereux and Manion proceeded. They here had in glass of ale each, and ordered chops to be cooked, but, on Mrs. Eastwood, the landlady ascertaining that they had put up their conveyance at the Swan Hotel, she told them they had better go back again to that hostelry, which they refused to do. A warm discussion ensued, in which Manion became excited, and had eventually to be put out by the landlord, who was assaulted by both defendants as he did so. Shortly afterwards, as they were all about to leave the Swan Hotel yard in their conveyance, Mr. Eastwood and Police constable Walburn appeared for the purpose of getting the names of Devereux and Manion. They had refused their names, and Gibbonson, finding that the officer refused to allow the horse to proceed, got out of the conveyance struck the policeman on the hands with the view of making him relinquish is called of the reins, and struck him in the face. A struggle then ensued, Gibbonson throwing the policeman to the ground; but the officer eventually overpowered Gibbonson, and, putting the handcuffs upon him took him to the station. The Bench considered Gibbonson’s conduct very bad, and ordered him to pay a fine of £5 and costs whilst Devereux and Manion, for their assault on Mr. Eastwood, were ordered to pay £3 each and costs.


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