LAW & ORDER – Disturbance in a Redcar Public house

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 30/11/1877.


            At the Guisborough Petty Sessions, on Tuesday (27/11), before Admiral Chaloner, Mr. J. Lowther, M.P., Mr. James Merryweather, and Rev. Canon Yeoman.

George Appleton was charged with refusing to quit the Station Hotel, Redcar, on the 19th inst. Smith, a barman at the hotel, said on the night in question, about a quarter past eight o’clock, defendant, in company with another man, went into the bar parlour and called for two glasses of liquor, which were supplied. Immediately after, they began to create a disturbance. They were requested to desist, but the defendant refused, and had to be injected. He returned, however, and struck the table with his fist, breaking three glasses. Defendant, a shabbily dressed individual, cross examined this witness for a considerable time, until called to order by Admiral Challoner. Margaret MacMahon corroborated Smith’s evidence. In defence, defendant said he and another “gentleman” went into the Station Hotel, and had some gin. A young man who was there, “stood” some more, and defendant, “gentleman” like, returned the compliment. The glass got broken as he was rising from the table. Altogether he had four glasses of gin. The Bench took a lenient view of the case, and imposed a fine of 1s, and 18s.6d. costs.


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