LAW & ORDER – Elopement From Redcar

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 07/01/1876


            A middle-aged woman, the wife of an ironworker, lately was residing in Yeo’s Buildings, Coatham, a law with a joiner who had been lodging in her husband’s house on Thursday, the 30th ult. The husband had been drinking for a day or two after Christmas, and this led to some words between himself and his wife who subsequently arranged with “the lodger” to leave her husband and go away with him. She accordingly commenced to take some articles out of their house into that of a neighbour, and Police Sgt Alexander was called in by the husband, but could not take any action in the matter, as the woman appeared all need to take things which belong to her personally, the lodger wisely abstaining from taking any part in removal. The presence of the police-officer the husband endeavoured to dissuade his faithless spouse from her purpose, but without avail, for she would not consent to remain with him, and took refuge in the house to which the articles referred to had been conveyed. At dusk in a Drove up, and the woman having entered, was speedily joined by “the lodger,” who had in the meantime fetched his tools from the workshop where he was employed. They took with them a son of the woman’s, 14 years of age, who seems to have soon adapted himself to the new order of things, for he is said to already call “the lodger” father. A daughter, 16 years of age, was left behind. The husband has since broken up is whole, and the furniture was sold on Saturday (02/01)


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