LAW & ORDER – Escape from custody of defaulting auctioneer and clever recapture

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 06/04/1877.


            An unusual but somewhat occurrence took place at Redcar, on Thursday, the 29th ult. A Bailiff of the Stockton County Court, whose name does not transpire, but who rejoices in the soubriquet of “Scotty,” arrived at Redcar in the afternoon, armed with a warrant for the arrest of James Smith, auctioneer, of Skinningrove, who had been committed to York Castle for six weeks by the County Court Judge, for the non-payment of a debt of £5 due to Mr. Freshney, greengrocer, late of Redcar. Smith had been announced to conduct a sale of wood near the Goods Station at three o’clock, and shortly after the sale commenced the Bailiff went up to Smith and intimated to him. the business on which he was wanted, but agreed to wait until he had finished the sale. At its claws adjournment was made to the Alexandra Hotel, and Smith was allowed to go into one of the rooms with some persons on business connected with the sale, the bailiff, meanwhile, keeping guard in the passage. Smith, however, took advantage of the temporary liberty afforded him to make his escape by the window, but his disappearance was almost immediately discovered, and the Bailiff started in pursuit failing to get any information from the bystanders, he eventually took Police-Sgt Alexander into his confidence, who agreed to assist him. Smith had, in the meantime concealed to himself in a house in Wilton Street, and had sent a loud to order a conveyance which shortly afterwards arrived. Just as Smith was getting into it, the Bailiff and the police-sergeant hove in sight, and the former shouted to the driver to stop, but he took no notice, and drove off as fast as he could in the direction of Marske. Consulting his watch, the police-sergeant found that a train going the same way was just due and he advised the Bailiff to take train to Marske and wait their to see if the conveyance came on by the road, which passes close by the station, and if not to go on and win it at Saltburn. This was done, and on arriving at Marske by rail the bailiff found that his late prisoner was just passing on the road. Hurrying from the train, he stopped the conveyance, and was struck across the face by the driver with his whip, but, he eventually succeeded in recapturing Smith, whom he had the satisfaction of accompanying to York by the mail train.


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