LAW & ORDER – Extensive Shoplifting at Redcar

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn News 22/01/1874.


            On Friday last 17/01, the police at Redcar received information that several robberies had been committed in various shops in the town. On inquiry, they found that three young girls had been visiting these shops under the pretensions of making purchases, but had left without doing so, and after their departure. Various articles were missed. It was nearly 11 or clock at night before the police ferreted out the whereabouts of the girls, when Sgt Storey, accompanied by P. C. John Calvert, proceeded to pay lodging house in Lord Street, kept by a man named Jefferson, and found them all in bed and asleep. After arousing them they were requested to dress themselves, when the officers searched the room, and soon became possessed of sufficient proof that they had got the parties wanting, and took them into custody. The girls were well-dressed and are possessed of intelligent and pleasing countenances. Their names and addresses are as under Rebecca Custard (14), Elder Street Broughfield; Annie Foster (15), and Mary Foster (13), sisters, of 74, Duncombe Street, Middlesbrough. The following articles have been identified. :-From Mr Clarkson’s dealer in Burley and Ward and fancy goods, they had stolen one scarf, five jet brooches, warm jet clasp, to parent jet clasps, two gold pins, six guilt brass pins, warm storm brooch, warm jet across, to pair steal clasps, one pair of silver plated clasps, one pair of white ball earrings, warm jet hearing, and a fancy hairpin; from the shop of Mr Earl, Shoemaker, they had taken one pair of overshoes and two pairs of fancy slippers; from Mr Lewdall’s Draper, warm jet clasp and warm back hair comb; and from the shop of Mr Dowson, chemist, a bottle of sent; a pair of slippers has been identified by Mr F. Clark; two scarves by Mr Inman, Craster Terrace; and a quantity of drapery by Mr Pearmain. A pair of small brass scales in a box, a tape line, Spyglass, a storm brooch, and a metal whistle, has been identified by Mr John Houghton, of Saltburn, as his property. They were brought before the Rev. B. N. R. Batty, in the Police office, Redcar, on Saturday current (17/01) and remanded until Tuesday (20/01), when they were brought before the bench at Guisborough, and each was sentenced to 14 days at Northallerton, and afterwards to be sent to a reformatory for three years. Sgt. Storey and P.C. Calvert are deserving of great credit for their promptness in capturing the fugitives, and for the manner in which they obtained the owners of many small articles. There is still a quantity of goods in the hands of the police which have not been identified.


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