LAW & ORDER – False Pretences @ Redcar arrest Phobe Pugh

Accreditation The Redcar and Salt and burn-by-the-Sea Gazette 02/11/1877.


            At the Guisborough Petty Sessions, on Tuesday (30/10), (before Adml Chaloner, Messrs. Aryton, Merryweather, C. H. Lowther, and the Rev. Canon Yeoman), Phobe Pugh, 16 years of age, was charged on remand, with obtaining to chemises, by false pretences from Elizabeth Clarkson, at Redcar, on 22nd  August last. Mr. Teale, of Middlesbrough, prosecuted; prisoner being undefended. Prosecutrix deposed that on the day named prisoner came into her shop and obtaining to chemises, saying that they were for a Mrs. Wilson, of London, whom she represented as staying No.3, Newcomer Terrace, Coatham. She, believing the prisoner’s story, let her have the goods expecting that Mrs. Wilson would call and pay for them. Hearing nothing, however, on 22 October, she gave information to the police. The chemises were worth 5s..

Police Sgt Alexander spoke to apprehending prisoner at her mother’s house, No.12, Cromwell Terrace, West Hartlepool. On being charged with the offence, prisoner said she knew nothing at all about the articles. He opened her box, but found nothing. He then said he would search the house, when she said, “One of the chemises is at the washing; the other I am wearing.” He then brought prisoner to Redcar. On the way, she said, “this is a long way; I wish I had nothing to do with it. It is much easier to do it than to get out of it. It was very little better than stealing it.” Prisoner pleaded guilty to the charge, and appeared to feel her position very acutely. The Bench said they had considered to take a lenient view of the case on account of prisoner’s youth. Instead of sending her to prison, which might be a serious injury to her in future life, there had determined, saying that she had already been in custody five days, to order her to be kept in custody until the rising of the court.


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